Spòrs le Beebot!

Bha spòrs aig Clas 3 an-diugh a’ toirt stiùiridhean do Bheebot mar phàirt de dh’obair matamataig. 

Fun was had by P3 this morning practicing giving directions with Beebot!


Turas dhan tràigh

Abair latha sgoinneil a bh’againn an-dè aig Tràigh Inbhir Narainn. Bha a’ ghrian a’ deàrrsadh agus bha a h-uile duine toilichte 😊

What a great day we had at Nairn Beach yesterday. The sun was shining and everybody was happy 😊🌞


We watched video clips of rocket and space shuttle launches and we came up with onomatopoeic words to describe the sounds we heard. We then created our own rockets using finger painting and when they are dry we will add our words to them. 

Cuairtean na Gealaich

We used Oreo cookies to learn about the different phases of the moon. We also got to eat them at the end! Yum!

Our Solar System

Seo an display a chruthaich sinn sa chlas airson na planaidean a shealltainn. A bheil sibh a faicinn na constellations againn cuideachd? 😊

Here is our Solar System display. Can you spot our knitted constellations among the planets?

Spòrs a-muigh

O chionn ghoirid dh’obraich Clas 3/4 a-muigh agus abair spòrs a bh’againn!

We learned how the Earth, Sun and Moon work together and how they rotate and orbit. Outside we worked in groups and acted out the orbits of the Earth and Moon around the Sun. 

Corbett Cup

Mealaibh ur naidheachd dhan sgioba a chluich sa Chorbett Cup o chionn ghoirid.  Bhuannaich iad an dàrna àite sa chuairt dheireannach eadar Bunsgoil Merkinch. 

Congratulations to the team who took part in the Corbett Cup recently. They came second in the final against Merkinch Primary. 

‘S math a rinn sibh! 😊

Body Vision Exhibit

We were very lucky today to have a visit from the Body Vision Exhibit, run by the Glasgow Science Centre. We were able to explore the human body by actively investigating aspects of the head, torso, arm and leg. The children also had the opportunity to investigate their own ability by comparing their muscle performance with their classmates’. It was really interesting and most importantly…lots of fun!

Cupa Ross County!

Nach sinne a bha fortanach an cupa ainmeil aig Ross County fhaicinn san sgoil againn!

We were very lucky to have the opportunity the see and hold Ross County’s very famous cup!

Also congratulations go to Ross and Frank from our class along with the P2/3 team who beat Crown Primary 1-0 and took home the King Brude Cup. ‘S math a rinn sibh uile!


Saoghail nan Lochlannach

Dh’ionnsaich sinn mu dhèidhinn na deifir saoghail a bh’aig na Lochlannaich. Chleachd sinn bogsaichean cereal agus stuth ealain airson na saoghail a shealltainn ann an dòigh chruthachail. 

We learned about the different Viking worlds and why they were important. We then used cereal boxes and art materies to create our own interpretation of some of these worlds.